S'mores Dip

With just three simple ingredients you can make this gooey, chocolate-y air fryer s’mores dip in a matter of minutes.

You'll get the same melty campfire taste in dip form!

Marshmallows Chocolate Chips Coconut Oil Graham Crackers


Place chocolate chips in a ramekin and gently stir in coconut oil.

Gently stir in coconut oil.

Transfer the ramekin onto the air fryer or oven. Melt chocolate chips for 5 minutes.

Remove the ramekin after 5 minutes and gently stir the melted chocolate. Then top with marshmallows.

Return the ramekin into the air fryer or oven for another 5 minutes.

Remove the ramekin once marshmallows are toasted and golden brown to your liking.

Serve the dip with graham crackers. Serve with more chocolates and chocolate chip cookies on the side for sweet snacking.


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