Amazingly Tasty Vegetable Side Dish Recipes

Side dishes can often be the unsung heroes of a meal. While many of us likely think of vegetable side dishes as mushy or bland, this tasty collection is far from it.

This acorn squash is oven-roasted with butter and maple syrup for a sweet and savory dish.

When you are short on time, these sauteed mushrooms will come to your rescue with only about 5 minutes.

This Asian-style dish has the delightful crunch of not only snow peas but also pine nuts and water chestnuts.

Warming spices and a touch of rosemary breathe life into this simple vegetable side dish.

With a rich flavor and creamy consistency, these stewed potatoes certainly fall into the “comfort food” side dish category,

You've never tried creamed corn until you've tried homemade creamed corn.

Cabbage and carrots come together in a crunchy and tangy mix

These roasted radishes take on a sweet and spicy touch thanks to honey and sriracha.

Tender stalks of broccolini are a nice change from the standard broccoli.

Swiss chard is dressed in a Japanese-style miso dressing for a real umami-rich side.

A sweeter take on a green beans side dish.

Broccoli, garlic, and red potatoes are roasted together to make this tasty dish.

Get out the grill and eat the rainbow with this fun grilled veggie recipe

A fabulous spice blend coats these floury potatoes.

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