Banana Lumpia

Experience a taste of the Philippines with this delectable banana turon lumpia.

This delicious treat consists of ripe bananas wrapped in spring roll wrappers and then fried until golden and crisp.

saba banana (mini banana), regular banana or plantain jackfruit (langka) light brown sugar lumpia wrappers, or spring roll wrappers olive oil water, to seal the wrappers


Cut baby bananas into four, lengthwise. You'll also want to cut the jackfruit arils into strips.

Lightly brush one wrapper with water. Place 1 slice of banana and 1 strip of jackfruit at the center then sprinkle some light brown sugar.

Fold each side of wrapper then roll the turon. Seal by lightly brushing some water.

In a small bowl, mix the remaining light brown sugar with 1 tablespoon water.

Drizzle some light brown sugar glaze on top of lumpia rolls. Transfer rolls onto Air Fryer trays or basket. Lightly brush with oil.

Place into the air fryer, turning the rolls halfway through the cooking time. Remove once they are golden brown on the outside.

Serve and enjoy!

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