10 Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

These gorgeous and colorful air fryer carrots are simply seasoned with garlic, salt, and pepper.

If you love beets, then this is the side dish for you!

This healthy alternative to French fries made with jicama is seasoned with fresh herbs.

Yellow squash and zucchini are lightly seasoned and tossed in olive oil, then air fried.

Use your air fryer to make perfectly baked potatoes!

Brussels sprouts come out crispy and flavorful, just like if you had roasted them fresh in the oven!

This air fryer roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese is as easy as it gets!

Bring your green beans to new levels with this recipe that has a crispy and cheesy finish!

This air fryer eggplant has a crispy outside with a tender center.

These air-fried sweet potato chips are perfectly crisp and crunchy.

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